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  1. ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

    They are called regular expressions and are widely used in computing for text processing (common use is to redirect urls, such as to so either url will reach the same web site). They are very powerful when used for manipulating text; to learn more try: - there is far more there than anyone will ever need to use in AoA! Wim's guide is probably more than sufficient for most purposes. BTW - they don't seem to work in Google searches!
  2. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    Pretty much what I have done.
  3. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    Thanks Geoff, I too largely use my pseudonyms for organisation. I use four: All my older stuff, Former news, Travel and my my more recent work that doesn't belong in any of the others. But as you say nothing seems to be definitive even though Alamy have said, in the past at least, new pseudonyms get median ranking, but what you say squares with my experience: new pseudonym's seem to get the contributor's median ranking which is why for me they were grouped together in BHZ (I stopped using it a long time ago). Hence I just try to do the best photography and tagging I can and let things fall where they may.
  4. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    Oh, so all that work juggling pseudonyms was a waste of time? Where did that information come from, I don't recall seeing anything about it? So I should have created a new account for my best work after all? I nearly did but my pseudonym changes seemed to be working, perhaps the best stuff would have done even better in a new account where it was not being dragged down by the lower ranked work.
  5. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    It is why I have given up worrying about zooms and CTR - it seems to bear no relation to my position in searches. Search "Honfleur France" (75 pages) and my best pseudonym appears around about image 5, page 1 and first image for my much worse worst pseudonym appears at around image 20 on page 1. The latter has a CTR well below half Alamy average and the best has CTR nearly twice, so there is a 4-fold difference between the 2 pseudonyms. Oh and zooms do not appear to result in sales in any sort of reasonable timescale, say 3-6 months. Go figure!
  6. I agree! I too use FireFox. I find that if I refresh the login page (sometimes twice) without playing the reCaptcha games it usually lets me in.
  7. You get what you pay for?!!

    In many ways the middle ground is the worst place for any business to be. It gets squeezed from both sides and the bottom of the middle (ooh er Mother!) is constantly being undercut by others in the same position with poorer sales skills buying work. Think Marks&Spencer, Debenhams, BHS, ...
  8. But you will probably want to tag, set other options and perhaps revise the caption to reflect the more archival nature of stock. Interestingly stock that has come through the news channel retains the longer caption permitted for news submissions; or it did last time I submitted news. Some people do resubmit because they can improve the image in post production. I tend not to because it loses the connection with the original news submission. I have only resubmitted when I can significantly improve the OOC jpgs that I submit for news (e.g. opening up blocked up shadows on a bright, contrasty day) by processing the RAW version (I always shoot news as raw+jpg).
  9. Property release named plant varieties

    I don't think it is copyright issue, from the UK IPO (my default starting point, it is a model of clarity considering the topic).: "You automatically get copyright protection when you create: original literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work, including illustration and photography original non-literary written work, such as software, web content and databases sound and music recordings film and television recordings broadcasts the layout of published editions of written, dramatic and musical works" Similarly you cannot patent " ‘essentially biological’ processes like crossing-breeding plants, and plant or animal varieties " I don't believe you could register a plant as a design or trademark it (very specific rules about the form of the trademark). That would suggest that there is not an issue using such images unless there is case law that suggests otherwise, or the library/agency has its own policy. One could argue that there is more benefit to the grower than damage by promoting a named variety. My £0.02p but I am not a lawyer, just someone with a long interest in intellectual property matters since my early teens (my father was an inventor amongst other things).
  10. SERIOUSLY???

    Aren't the QI, newspaper scheme close to a subscription? And wasn't there mention, on the blog or in response to a CR query , a few montrhs ago of packages and something akin to a subscription. Alamy plays the detaails of its sales arranagement with clients VERY close to its chest. Just askin'
  11. SERIOUSLY???

    It is a way to make money, I see the same thing with business awards. You "win" an award and you get to spend a fortune on a table at the presentation and drink over-priced champagne. The awards play to the business owners ego but I am not convinced they do much for sales, it has never added anything to the desirability of the product for me as a customer. Look at the prize fund for a photo, or literary, competition and then work out how many entries are needed to cover it, I think you will be surprised how few it is in most cases! Call me a cynic ...
  12. SERIOUSLY???

    You and Jill you encapsulate the problem, to use the popular vernacular (which I hate) - it is a perfect storm, so many, mostly technological, factors combining to disrupt a traditional market. (like cheap petrol and the motor vehicle destroying job opportunities for wheelwrights, grooms, coachmen, ostlers and farriers, but creating new jobs: drivers, mechanics etc). And it is not just happening in photography, there is a lot more to come in many other industries over the next few decades. Whether it is good or bad will depend on how it affects the individual being asked the question. Bear in mind that this new technology has created new opportunities albeit many are low in price but high in overall volume and undemanding of quiality e.g. web use. So more people can fulfil the need.
  13. SERIOUSLY???

    I totally agree but detailed pricing discussion would only work to contributors' benefits if it were private to us. Alamy have seen fit to make the forum public so we should be circumspect for our own benefit. There are other, non Alamy specific, (more) private forums and facebook pages where these matters can be discussed in private and even be specific about the performance of individual libraries. At the end of the day one is wise to assume anything posted on the internet is essentially public (but not copyright free of course).
  14. Help upgrading camera

    I noticed a while ago that for online use many newspapers and other web sites often favour 16x10 landscape for heading images on articles, probably because it is the usual video format so allows for consistent look and feel with mixed still/video especially on a page of thumbnails. So whether shooting 3:2 OR 4:3 (even 5:4 ) we should perhaps make sure we include some that will crop to 16x10 or 16x9 landscape to match video formats. As well as the old advice to shoot portrait with room for cover lines; there are still print magazines out there! It is often advised to leave a decent amount of cropping room to give the page designer maximum flexibility. Of course that advice is for stock not salon, club or fine art photography! Martin
  15. Adobe Photoshop and Banknotes

    Perhaps that is because the, almost invisible, JPEG compression artifacts would prevent the image being used to make a usable fake note.