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  1. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    Teeth of Damocles - will fall if you don't keep up with keywordeing?
  2. Captchas lock-out

    Alamy told me it was being removed several weeks ago, the date was a specific Wednesday which I shared in a previous thread. But apparently not.
  3. Photographing books

    Yes LP sleeves and almost any other designed product: studio pottery, posters, furniture, cutlery - in fact anything that is designed and of which more than 50 were made. Not sure whether there is any dispensation for mass produced goods, they are after all industrially exploited designs. The saving grace in such cases the manufacturer (or designer, who may have given up all rights) may have little interest in pursuing copyright infringment. But it does raise an interesting, and very complex, question of what props (cars, clothes, furniture ...) photographers can use to create images, and how they use them. As you say not worth the bother or potential hassle. But is almost impossible to avoid if you use set up compositions.
  4. Photographing books

    I guess what is acceptable will be down to interpretation, especially by the courts, sadly. As usual certainty and copyright do not seem to be comfortable bed fellows. Personally I would be suspicious of any image that was only of the book. I guess the doubt might disappear if the book was only used as a prop in a more complex composition.
  5. Photographing books

    As promised. some guidance on design copyright, includes graphic design e.g. book covers As I suggested it brings it into line with photographs, written word, music etc at increase from 25 years (as OP suggested it used to be) to 70 years from the creator's death. I believe in Europe at least it is retroactive.
  6. Photographing books

    I think it may have changed a couple of years ago (EU directive) to the same as for written word, photographs etc. Certainly has for other designs including 3d designs, a lot of issues about replica furniture for example and photographs of them need permission even for editorial use. When I have some time I will see if I can find a reference. In any case why would anyone try to sell such images on Alamy, especially for current editions, as they are available from the publisher free for editorial; use. I have done a lot of book reviewing and never had problem getting cover images to go with them. For selling books I would have thought the same might be true if the book is current, obviously for out of print editions might need a photograph taking specially.
  7. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    I recall seeing some credible figures that highlighted the largest component of food's carbon foot print was the last few miles from supermarket to home, more significant than the air miles across oceans. Especially as Spain or Kenya can grow salad, for example, without the glasshouses and heating needed in the UK or the Netherlands. I guess that raises the question about eating seasonally, and especially produce that can be grown locally; mind you that is changing with climate change. Bring the natural rhythm of the seasons back into one's life. Enjoy Beltane.
  8. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    The yachtswoman Ellen Macarthur is a proponent of the circular economy where things are designed for upgrade or reuse rather than disposal or traditionally ineffiicient recycling.
  9. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    Why travel at all? There are plenty of local photographers, pretty well everywhere, who can do the job and sell globally now it is all online. There must be others, like KM, all around the world who cover their own small patch comprehensively and effectively. I believe KM uses a push bike to get around Aberystwyth, when he is not on foot.
  10. Can't login to dashboard TODAY

    I automatically clear cookies when I exit Firefox but I stilll occasionally get the reCaptcha nonsense. It happened 3 times this morning before I got in. I dont't play the reCaptcha game I just go to the login screen again until it works, it uses saved credentials so quick and easy. If I don't get in with 3 attempts I go and do something else, something useful (like make a cup of tea !).
  11. Glencoe Trademarked!

    He should seek to have the trademark revoked as there is just too much prior use, not just by Hilltrek. Glencoe has been used frequently as a product name for decades. I am amazed it was awarded in the first place, especially so recently. I had a trademark application rejected for much less clear cut prior use.
  12. Captchas lock-out

    I find it very erratic. Sometimes I get reCaptcha (once or thrice) but without respondingf toit, I go back to the bookmark and effectively start again it eventually doesn't appear, it then goes in. Does not sound like cookie issue but ...
  13. Download Packs

    I have a sense of déjà vu as well. In the sense that photography has, sort of, come full cycle. At one time a cohort of photographers made a staisfactory to excellent income from assignment photography (Bailey, Beaton, Bean, Evans, McCullin, Avedon et al). Photographers who submitted to the early libraries (Image Bank, Tony Stone and others) were pariahs, like microstock today (or 5 years ago), seens destroying the market for the incumbents. But the markets and the channels change - plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. Now it seems to be moving back again to a mass market of photographers earning pin money at best (like me ) and a few making decent incomes by having something different to offer, special skills, access or a strong business direction. It may not be quite as strong a market for high-end still photography as before but for some there will still be decent money to made.
  14. Download Packs

    It sounds so familiar: As I have been arguing for a long time generic stock is going the way of clip art, remember that? Clip art used to be a viable product, then it started to be available as collections on cheap CDs, then giveaways on magazines. Now who actually buys clip art for their newsletters, adverts, presentations and reports? The good news is that high-end illustration and graphic art survived but only for those artists who can provide original work and have some business sense. I believe those photographers who can provide something different, artistically, technically or though special access and permissions will be able to prosper. But most will have to do their own selling, be business people in their own right or perhaps have traditional agents who represent them, or a small group, to a limited number of clients at any one time. Happily it will not be the end of photography as a profession, painting survived photography after all, but for many fewer. The easy passive income from a mass market is disappearing, steadily (at the cheap CD stage perhaps?). It may get to the point where it suddenly vanishes. After all it is not a viable income for most of us. Welcome to the penny store!
  15. Download Packs

    Well, that's me told! I should probably go back to my blogs as I am no longer motivated to do stock photography