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  1. Captchas lock-out

    I don't play the Captcha game any more, I just keeping hitting refresh (F5) until it goes away or I get fed up (max 3-4 attempts). It seems most prevalent when I have rebooted my pc, or updated. I use Firefox on up to date WIn10.
  2. New boss

    Indeed, there is a significant management overhead in running a listed company: reporting requirements, scrutiny etc even on the junior markets such as AIM. A lot of smaller business have regretted the move to be listed, and some have even been taken private again. Caffe Nero for instance.
  3. New boss

    Spot on, time will tell. Then we make our individual judgement re ACL!
  4. New boss

    In my last permanent job before I went out as freelance IT Project Director (now there is constant change!). some great advice from a staff confewrence was that to cope with stress in any situation, esp jobs and change was: ACL Accept that is something you can't change and live with it, OR Change it, if you can OR Leave and do something else. They are the three healthy options, anything else is likely to be stressful.
  5. New boss

    As do pretty well all of the supermarkets, ask a farmer! They buy milk at less than cost of production; they can because there is, currently, over-supply. Sound familiar ?
  6. September Photo Challenge - Critters

    Here are mine: #1 Canadian chipmunk #2 (British) Robin in cherry blossom #3 Calling Black-headed gull (Florida)
  7. Tesla story - any relevance to stock

    Indeed IBM (and probably others) were doing it with computers, printers in 1970s, to my knowledge, and almost certainly before. Just need to cut or remove a link on a board somewhere. Thirty second job for an "engineer" and that will be £X,000 please, oh and another £0.2X00 per year maintenance! Now it is just a downloaded patch from HQ.
  8. CD/DVD Printing Software

    Are you downloading from SourceForge by any chance? I have had, and seen reported, issues with inappropriate additions. It used to be a common service used for free and shareware. I avoid Sourceforge these days.
  9. CD/DVD Printing Software

    Seriously why not create a template in Word, PS, Publisher or similar?
  10. CD/DVD Printing Software

    A Sharpie? Or is that hardware?
  11. Resizing software

    It used to be possible but whether they would pass QC now is questionable. The QC threshold has steadily risen with technology improvements. I don't think I would even try now to get 4-5Mpixeel images accepted, even from a pro camera of the time.
  12. Have you done your legacy images?

    Thanks, I have done next to nothing since AIM was introduced and on my test searches I am much higher, top of page one many cases, than before despite low CTR. Mind you it is complicated by changes to the search algorithm over the same period. My sales are comparable to last year but the average value has halved, I have put a no PU restriction on all my images.
  13. Have you done your legacy images?

    But has all the effort increased sales - numbers and value? Surely that is the only reason for doing it.
  14. Might we just stop using reds and greens

    But I suspect it will not stop the trolls!
  15. Might we just stop using reds and greens

    A greenie for that excellent idea