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  1. I have not used PS for years, I can do everything I need in C1 Pro. However I have thought about averaging stacked images to get rid of noise in extreme low light/ high ISO and I think I would need PS/LR to do it. It is where my next efforts with C1Pro v11 will be exploring.
  2. I would reiterate Rick's comments, I am currently checking out v11. I have used Capture 1 Pro v 10 (used most versions since v1? in around 2003). Was briefly unhappy with v5 or 6 messing up metadata (loaded with PhotoMechanic) so used LR for a while with my Canons. Since then it has been my raw converter of choice, especially since going all-in with Fuji. There is a choice of standalone or subscription, unlike LR. Not dependent on the cloud either. I upgrade every couple of years or so for around €100.
  3. New Fuji lens

    Latest rumour on Fuji Rumors is that it will be bigger all round than X-T2. I won't be interested it if it is unless the bare bones body has the performance capability of X-T2 with grip. Frankly I am rather sceptical about this size rumour. I would have thought the main requirement (as Fuji have suggested) was that IBIS would need a larger mount diameter, but then it it would not be a Fuji X camera (can't see that being viable) so it might then be larger!
  4. New Fuji lens

    It seems the X-T2s will be the X-H1 according to Fuji Rumors this morning. I would love the new 80mm macro but can't justify it. Can I justify the X-H1 alongside my X-T2? Strictly no but it will depend on the grip, I would love a deeper grip so I can use a hand strap as I always did with my Canon 1D??s. I would then part-ex my backup X-T1 and grip.
  5. Having to sign in twice?

    I have had pop-ups blocked for a long time.
  6. Having to sign in twice?

    I refuse to play the captcha game! Especially as I was told months ago that it was being removed; I was even given a specific date. If I can't login, fine I will ignore Alamy until I can!
  7. Presentations galore

    I have noticed an increase in presentation sales since it was put at the top of the price list and was cheapest! Coincidence, I don't think so! I am fully opted out of PU. But even so my sales revenue has collapsed despite increased numbers. Has Alamy become a Dollar/Pound store?
  8. Me too, my designer sister used to edit images for me and laughed about the ones where Iwas obviously "carrying a heavy camera bag on my left shoulder" Therefore, I use the level in my camera assiduously.
  9. Alamy Measures broken?

    Sadly, that is true. I rather hoped, but did not expect, to see much better figures Hope springs eternal, only to be dashed ...
  10. Having to sign in twice?

    Had a lot of issues with captcha when I came back from five week trip. Now every time I fire up the forums I got prompted to accept or reject notifications. I don't want them so why keep pestering, how many times do I have to say NO! The forums are getting just like Facebook in getting in our faces all the time.
  11. News Images sent to QC

    I wonder if News team felt that after 24hours the Saturday Remembrance Day pictures were out of date and superceded by the larger Remembrance Sunday events?
  12. Keywording - foreign languages

    Are you doing the German search on the German Alamy site? My guess is that translation only takes place for searches on the foreign language sites. It means of course those of us who are familiar and use foreign words, especially place or organisation names, on the main English language site will not get the full results.
  13. Man Nicks Pro Pictures, and is surprised when he gets sued!

    And hopefully those statements will be used against him when he is again dragged to court for copyright theft, and increase the punitive part of the damages accordingly. Just a thought: if he incurred legal fees of $10K then his lawyers must have seen him coming. Surely they did not advise him to defend the indefensible in court?
  14. Sagging CTR?

    I would agree, my sales numbers (not revenue )have been increasing yet my overall CTR is much as it has been for the last few years. It has been well below the Alamy average. My strongest pseudonym for CTR (above average) does not do any better for sales than my main pseudonym which has much poorer CTR.
  15. Professional Camera Insurance recommendations?

    I was with Cliik whose photo insurance was taken over by Hiscox, 2-3 years ago. I have found Hiscox flexible on adjusting terms to specific requirements. I have not made a claim since I was with Cliik. Premium is not trivial but it does include £5million of public liability cove; my mobile phones and computers are on the same policy.