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  1. Puzzled

    You can let Alamy know. We don't know who puts on the red arrows, but they do. Abuse of the arrows is supposed to be punishable. But there has been much argument about them. Philippe left because of it. Jill
  2. I agree. This year my CTR is much lower than last year, yet have almost doubled my sales without adding a lot of images. Jill
  3. Your favorite blurry image

    This was from World Pride 2014
  4. CTR and similars

    I have a similar set of images on flyboarding. I think I have around 40 of them, but the flyboarder is doing something different in almost every image and they are different people as well. I've sold a few and funny thing, a couple have been of ones I had thought of not uploading. So similar subject, but not similar image, I think that is the difference. Jill
  5. Totally Wrong Information!

    Supposedly words in a multi-word tag are supposed to have lower relevance than those as single tags. How many images did the buyer look at? Jill
  6. Totally Wrong Information!

    I also think that having every image and illustration going through reportage and historical, therefore bypassing QC is another abomination of abusing the system. Jill
  7. Supertags and normal tags - presentation in AIM

    Doesn't really seem like a lot less work unless you have a couple of hundred tags, and again, you will still have to delete them one at a time. Would it not take the same time to simply increase web page size and go through and delete extra words since you are still going to have to delete anyway? I may try it and see which is the faster method. I do still have some legacy images to go through, but generally I don't have hundreds of keywords in them, so not as big a problem as some. Still, a simple button to alphabetize the tags would be best. Jill
  8. Supertags and normal tags - presentation in AIM

    Not sure how this would help. You would have to sit and delete each and every tag in AIM individually before pasting in the new list, and since some tags need to be next to each other, how would you do that? Is there a way? Jill
  9. Supertags and normal tags - presentation in AIM

    Having a button to "sort alphabetically" would be great. Wonder if Alamy will ever take this on. Would it bethat difficult? Jill
  10. Validation?

    Your motivating me Betty. I haven't really reworked any old images for awhile. Gotta get to it. Can't sell them if people can't find them. Jill
  11. Totally Wrong Information!

    I also noticed that every image I looked at including the cat and the twit giggle image plus tons more are all uploaded at historical or reportage. Jill
  12. October Challenge :: Failure

    This is one of those images that made me laugh as soon as I saw it. Says so much so simply. Jill
  13. Lets play a game

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