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  1. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    Thanks for the link, I will check it out. Jill
  2. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    I may give it a whirl if I decide to spend some time on Adobe Portfolio. I suppose a set of images pre-watermarked might come in handy in the future. Right now I am trying to tackle the artist's side of PS, which is 5 times harder than the photography side. Mostly tackling all the brush settings. Lots of fun though. Jill
  3. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    I already do a watermark in PS that is used on my Piwigo site. But it is stored on the site and is added to any image I upload. I don't have to put it on the image itself. Someday I may learn LR. Right now no need for it. ACR offers the same editing tools and I have my own cataloging system. I prefer Bridge for keywording as it uploads in the order they are added as opposed to LR which alphabetizes them. Perhaps the day will come when I have so many images I will need LR to help me catalog everything. Jill
  4. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    Discovered you cannot add a watermark to your images. So much for Adobe Portfolio. Thought about making a copy of each image and adding a watermark before uploading, but waaaaay to much work. Jill
  5. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    I really like Piwigo. It only has a Paypal purchase option for images, but can probably work some RM or RF licenses with it. Been so busy with the dog business that I'm afraid I've been ignoring my photo site. Just noticed that for some reason my watermark isn't going on my images, have to fix that. You can check it out here: http://jkmorganphotography.com JIll
  6. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    Did you figure out how to watermark the images? Jill
  7. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    May start setting something up. Figure it can't hurt to have stuff out there, as long as I can put a good watermark on the images. Jill
  8. I rarely have any issues signing in. Only once in awhile (and only on mobile devices) do I have to do "the pick the images with ----- game". Sometimes on the desktop I'll click on a thread and I"ll be signed out. I'll try to sign in, but it won't let me. Go back, choose another thread and its fine. Then I choose the original thread that kicked me out and I'm fine. So there is some issue with the sign in. Minor for me, but seems to torture others. Could be browser or OS. I use a PC with Chrome. Also use Chrome on my Samsung tablet. Jill
  9. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    Not going back with Zenfolio for the time being. My port is small and right now happy with my Piwigo site (just have to work more on it). Just wondering since the Adobe Portfolio is free to subscribers if anyone using it feels its worth the time and effort for uploading, etc. Jill
  10. Does anyone use Adobe's Portfolio?

    I have been trying to decide whether to use the Adobe Portfolio that comes with the Photography subscription. I know it never hurts to have your images out there on as many platforms as possible, but wonder if it is worth the time an effort. I have a website at the moment (I use Piwigo) but am always considering upgrading to something like Zenfolio, etc. Anyone using the Adobe Portfolio, and if so, what do you think of it? Jill
  11. Discoverability

    This has probably been caused by forgetting to deselect one image before starting to keyword another. You must have had the locomotive selected when you also selected the microphone, so the caption changed and your microphone keywords were also added to the train image. You have to watch that, it's an easy mistake to make when keywording. Jill
  12. Winter

    Just think of the move itself as a great photo shoot. Jill
  13. January Challenge: Music

    This is actually one of my favourite images, and I'm not sure why. Three kids learning how to play the spoons. Woman performing with rainbow hula hoops to music at World Pride 2014
  14. I have no set number. My stock uploads are extremely varied. I have only uploaded one image in the past month and probably won't do many more until spring. When actively out shooting, I can upload anywhere from 5 - 40. Just depends on how many I took as I rarely go out on a specific shoot. My images usually come from just being somewhere and shooting what's around me. Jill
  15. Yet another Canadian

    Welcome to the forum Rico. There are a lot of us Canucks on here. Jill