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  1. 2017

    I had exactly the same number of sales as for 2016. For 35% less money.
  2. Oversaturation on new screen

    Thank you all, your answers are very helpful. Wiskerke, I'll check my browser.
  3. Oversaturation on new screen

    I just connected a new Benq 2700PT computer screen to my latop which I've been using to edit my pictures for 3 years. I realize that many of my pics on Alamy seem oversaturated on this new screen (I adjusted it as well as I could, without a calibrating device). If any of you could take a minute to look at a few of my pictures, I would appreciate to obtain feedback (mainly to know if some images are oversaturated to the point that I could lose sales). Thanks
  4. Personal use sale

    Hi, I just got a personal use sale for an image which was zoomed yesterday. Am I wrong to think that Alamy only recorded data from regular customers and that a ''regular customer'' doesn't usually buy images for personal use?
  5. Ecofriendly stock photography !?

    Never upload pictures on the internet. It consumes precious energy.
  6. IM...

    Yes, but the image from which I want to copy the keywords is way way down the list (it was uploaded a few years ago), and I don't know how to access both images on the same page.
  7. Alphabetical order IM

    Thank you.
  8. IM...

    Another question about the fantastic and marvelous new image manager: Let's say that I just uploaded an image for which I would like to copy the keywords of another of my pictures that was uploaded a long time ago, how do I proceed? Thank you in advance...
  9. Alphabetical order IM

    Does Alamy intend to do something about this inconvenience?
  10. Alphabetical order IM

    It would be so much easier and faster to use the IM if the keywords appeared in alphabetical order. Why isn't it so?
  11. Alphabetical order IM

    Is there a way to have the tags sorted in alphabetical order in the image manager?
  12. Image manager

    When I copy tags from one image to another, I sometimes need to remove the star as I don't want the tag to be a supertag for that specific image. So I click on the star to remove it and the IM reacts as if I'm trying to delete the tag. What am I doing wrong?
  13. Post your positive results here :)

    In 2015, 20 of my images were sold for a total of 1217$. I had 6 sales in January 2016, amounting to $700.32 (with one 5.32$ distributor sale). So far so good.
  14. unauthorized usage

    After sending a request about an unauthorized usage of one of my Alamy pics, I received this answer from member services: "We’ve just noticed that this usage is outside our territories in which we can chase." The picture is appearing on the website of a "virtual shopping mall" based in India. Is it worth chasing or will I only be losing my time doing it?