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  1. Maths not my strongpoint

    Country: World English LanguageUsage: EditorialMedia: Book, print and/or e-bookPrint run: up to 100,000Placement: InsideImage Size: 1/4 pageStart: 12 December 2017End: 12 December 2027Duration: 7 years Eh?
  2. What about adding a note to the old image directing the searcher to the improved one?
  3. Okay apologies. I had no idea it was against our contract. A shame Alamy don't make this a simpler process - just to swap one image for another.
  4. You could do this in two stages. Remove all the keywords and caption, wait until the system has updated ( the next day) and then select the image for deletion. If you select deletion straight away the image will have all the metadata until the 180 days are up. You can't remove the metadata once the image is the Delete queue.
  5. Keywording exhaustion

    I bought a Google Chrome Book Found it possible to upload RAWs to Photoshelter while away, in addition to obvious uses.
  6. Public Domain - wild west - need for some order?

    Since I started this thread I would like to finish off by saying that I am going to try this Public Domain route as and when I have time. There is a huge resource of historic images out there! If it leads to duplication on Alamy that is hardly my concern though out of common sense I will try to avoid too much of that. Of course I prefer my own pics and will still concentrate on that as much as possible. But I can see the point and potential of what others have already been doing and am enjoying it myself. One contributor has over 2.2 million images to his name! It does feel a bit like 'cheating' but it really isn't. I'm just starting to think that this, my chosen business, is about a variety of image production which includes a whole assortment of image sources and types. I bought a load of old Country Life mags from the 1950s recently full of interesting adverts that I intend to scan. And still have a pile of old engravings of Wales to do, as well as some interesting online Commons sources to explore. I have several thousand books at home that I could photograph ( in context). Me. Image creation machine.
  7. Email sent to CR: "I have recently scanned some old engravings from the early 1800s which I bought at an auction. I see some copies already exist of the same images on Alamy - some duplication. I also see some contributors who are specialising in adding Public Domain content - in one case with over 220,000 images. I can see that this is within the terms of the Alamy contract but are there any limitations? Surely there is a problem if there is too much duplication of the same images simply downloaded from Creative Commons? Is there anything stopping me or anybody else doing the same? What is Alamy's policy on this? Are there any controls or limits or indeed any guidance?"
  8. Keywording exhaustion

    Another one here without a smartphone - actually without any sort of mobile phone. Though it is getting increasingly hard to manage without i.e.)booking accommodation and picking up keys. Do nearly all keywording in Photoshelter - but am way behind the game with Supertagging. Need to work back to when the change from EssKeys occurred and notice that searches are suffering as a result. Yes, it can be a bore, but just part of the job. At least I don't have to spend my time marking school books now!
  9. Jazz band playing in Retiro Park, madrid - only 6 on Alamy, could have done close-ups of musicians, instruments, the band playing away, wider shots. Shyness? Too mean to put a few euros in the pot? Next time I won't miss that sort of picture, must remember! Any other missed opportunities that should not be missed if there is a next time?
  10. I've dusted off my Minolta Dimage Scan Multi Pro but find that the lead that I formerly used to connect with the computer does not connect to my iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015) which has thunderbolt 2 connector socket and USB sockets. The original cable from the scanner has a sort of oblong rounded head ( sorry to be so clueless) and what I think is a Firewire connection for the computer. I would be very grateful for any advice about what I need to buy to be able to connect the Mac and scanner, and looking ahead, what software is available ( Vuescan?) Thanks in advance
  11. Thanks again, won't I need an adapter to join the two? I think I'll go into PC World with my cable and get somebody to sort me out. I really appreciate your help. Do you still run that Yahoo group for this scanner - or have most people moved on? Some of my slides that I didn't bother with when I started scanning in 2002 now have some Archive appeal and the Archive route will be easier on dust and scratches/smaller files.
  12. Thanks very much This is what I have This is the old lead I have already: FIREWIRE 800 to 400 9 Pin to 6 Pin Cable Lead IEEE1394B
  13. Affordable online backup solutions/providers

    I back up all the RAWs and a JPEG at Photoshelter, and have 2 external HDs for RAWS. Once I have those 3 copies I delete from my computer + camera card.
  14. Thanks that it definitely the correct shape for the scanner. Is USB sufficiently fast these days, or is Thunderbolt going to be better?
  15. It looks to me that images have been automatically resized on many occasions and that has left to some very blurred results - I keep seeing a file size of 7.1Mb. There's lots of odd things such as chemical formulae and calligraphy. On the other hand I noticed one of the images from this collection in the Images Sold thread. 2.25 million images...phew.
  16. Licensing other peoples pictures

    Not sure how thorough you want to be but I once looked into this and downloaded a standard contract from BAPLA which could then be adjusted to suit. Though I suspect that this would be overkill if you are simply dealing with a few friends. I have thought about this on and off but in the end always thought that although I can cope with my own disappoints in stock photography I do not want to me the focus of the disappointments of others.
  17. Public Domain - wild west - need for some order?

    They can change their policy on access and photography within their own museum, but they can't change the laws of copyright.
  18. Public Domain - wild west - need for some order?

    ^ No argument with any of that. No chance that I will be stopping doing my own pics This morning I've been scanning old Scottish engravings some as old as 1789 - finding it interesting to do the research. Also sent in my few of Xmas trees on sale at £69 each
  19. Public Domain - wild west - need for some order?

    No need to photograph them since many of the museums offer free downloads of their Public Domain images. But does this make sense?
  20. Affordable online backup solutions/providers

    Depends what you mean by affordable. I've used Photoshelter since 2005. I pay around $500 a year for unlimited storage, website, file management, ftp etc - its simply an integral part of my workflow.
  21. A reminder because you are spreading misinformation: "We let as much stuff go as possible, but at the end of the day this is an Alamy forum so we can't allow posts that promote / highlight / encourage others to use services that are in direct competition with us. We're not saying you can't mention our competitors during discussions, but it clearly would not make much sense for us to allow any form of promotion to our competition." There is no promotion of other agencies going on least not from me - I am doing the exact opposite.
  22. Public Domain - wild west - need for some order?

    But on the other hand there are loads of legitimate genuine Public Domain images out there. I'm certainly going to explore this option. I find it interesting to do the research around the pictures and learn something new, do a bit of dust busting and image corrections, and make these pics available on Alamy. Something to do in the dark days of winter. There is a sense of doing something a bit like cheating but why not? I've scanned around 60 engravings of London from the 1820s - many of the buildings no longer exist.
  23. Public Domain - wild west - need for some order?

    I wonder if there could be something in the submission process to tick that an image is Public Domain, and that the contributor has checked what is on Alamy and there is no more than, say, 3 identical existing versions? Or something like that?
  24. It's just the truth. A successful micro stock image will be downloaded tens of thousands of times. It is impossible to have any idea who is using the image. That's the nature of the business model that you sign up to. If you want to manage image rights then don't supply micro-RF. And you know that Shutterstock are not going to chase infringers. Just as it is not worth any agency chasing small-time infringements on personal blogs and the like - that is why Getty offer free embedded images, and Alamy will not chase pics copied by bloggers and the news swipe sites (or whatever they are called) from internet web articles.
  25. Public Domain - wild west - need for some order?

    John, That is something entirely different - it looks like image theft. I am referring to legitimate Public Domain images which every stock agency seems to have some of eg) NASA shots of Moon landings, Blue Planet etc, San Francisco earthquake 1906, museum exhibits available for download. Some agencies specialising in history have nothing but old pictures scanned from books and the like.