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  1. I don't think that there can be two types of stock pricing competing for the same sector. At the start we were assured that Microstock would serve a different market, a market that could not afford the sort of prices available from traditional stock photo providers i.e.) church groups, very small businesses etc. I think this was always something of a mistruth on the part of the agencies even if believed by the micro suppliers. Otherwise there would have been a micro-use licence and there never has been. What you call 'mid-stock' can have no future when major publishers can buy much the same content at 'micro-stock' prices. And once those prices become the established norm they are expected and demanded everywhere. At stock companies that offer exclusivity there is the occasional big sale as a possibility, almost rarity these days, because all publishers and all advertisers are under pressure with the demise of print media. At a pub cricket match last week I met up with some senior publishers, one with a 'stable' of major international lifestyle/travel/fashion titles that we would all recognise by name. He almost pitied me when I told him that I was a stock photographer and really wondered how stock businesses stay afloat. He explained how simple it was to push for lower prices and play company against company and said that they really had to do this mercilessly because times were now so hard. He didn't think it likely that any of his major magazines would still be on sale in paper form in five years time. I think what many find startling ( and annoying) is when those who have fully supported micro stock become disillusioned ( they see they are not making enough money despite being 'successful') and decide to convert to 'mid-stock' expecting it to have somehow survived in a parallel universe of high prices and buyers who have no notion of micro stock. I have never sold a micro stock licence image in my life, never even placed an image as RF, but the writing is on the wall for all of us I fear. It pains me to say it because I was predicting it and fearing it a decade ago but the micro model now seems inevitable for 95+% of stock uses. If that hasn't already happened. Getty embracing micro-pricing models for its main collection was a huge turning point, an even bigger one for the future is Adobe Stock. I truly hope that Alamy can stick it out and prosper with its uniquely encyclopaedic collection but where is the market space?
  2. applaud measured response: street mural & similar

    The rain is also very free...
  3. Check the very first post. Alamy removed the link to the book and to a competitor site.
  4. applaud measured response: street mural & similar

    Just found this on an Alamy blog from December 2016: yeah i seen one of my pictures on here for sale which was taken from street art i done its my image.....also you have no right to take family photos of old liverpool that was sent into the liverpool echo and now you have taken them for you self to make money.....first think my image of andry warhol manchester poster art theres a copy right.also will get intouch with liverpool echo and all the rest of manchester street artist to let them know what your doing making money of other peoples work....
  5. Pseudonym

    The ones deeper down do get seen, zoomed and bought but less often. That is what I want to maintain AR.
  6. Pseudonym

    Even so, it is still beneficial to group the best images together so that they achieve a higher Alamy Rank. The weaker ones are still there should a searcher want to drill down and is looking for something specific. The ones in my top pseudo are there because: 1) selected by an external editor 2) sold or zoomed on Alamy vice versa for secondary pseudo
  7. Pseudonym

    The only reason I do it is to gain a higher Alamy Rank by putting all my 'best' images in one pseudo. My understanding is that there is some 'per image' attributes that are attached to zoomed/bought images though that could be wrong. In simple terms the idea is to have a pseudo of stronger images, and one of the weaker ones which will appear lower down in searches.
  8. Pseudonym

    My understanding is that the data presented doesn't change in Alamy Measures but the images do change to the new pseudo and bring their zoom/sale magic algo juice with them.
  9. applaud measured response: street mural & similar

    I can think of a certain UK newspaper that would have a field-day with this story! Personally I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole but could it be an earner.
  10. applaud measured response: street mural & similar

    I would dispute that it is artwork. It is graffiti spray-painted at night by local youths and then has to be removed by the local council at taxpayers expense. Can you imagine the culprit suing the local council for the destruction of their intellectual property
  11. applaud measured response: street mural & similar

    Presumably images solely of pieces of graffiti/vandalism are allowable?
  12. Pseudonym

    They don't change in Alamy Measures.
  13. applaud measured response: street mural & similar

    Yes especially given the amount of 'proper' artwork on Alamy - paintings, statues, etc - in public but also in galleries. Does seem odd that spray paint on the side of a wall should be worthy of more protection, and also surprising that these alternative arty types have been contacting copyright lawyers.