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  1. making Adobe pay for my CC

    That's good to hear. Someone playing the system and WINNING. Allan
  2. Image identification

    Many thanks for that John. You always come up trumps. Allan
  3. Image identification

    Anyone help with identity of this leaf please. The nearest I could come to naming it was a Plane tree leaf?? My little book of trees did not seem to come up trumps this time. Thanks in advance. Allan
  4. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    Old fence stood in lake water. (I just liked the light.) I love backlit foliage. Self evident. Allan
  5. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    Set of four. The background to the sign keeps changing colour. Allan
  6. February Challenge: Winter activities

    Must be January/February 2012. Allan
  7. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    I believe it is best if fees are not recorded on any forum which is open to the public. Allan
  8. February Challenge: Winter activities

    Hmmm! Now where did I put my tin opener? Allan EDIT:- For out cousins across the pond please substitute "CAN" for tin. ITMA
  9. February Challenge: Winter activities

    Whoops what went wrong? Allan
  10. IMO if you designed and made the garden and garden furniture yourself then it is a work of art so you are still the copywrite holder. Whoever bought your house is now enjoying your work but did not make it. Allan
  11. Alamy Stock photography workshops

    Sorry Keith. I wish you all the best with the workshops and I would love to come to one of them, but circumstances at home will not allow me time to attend. Allan
  12. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    Two more. Fishy photo. Hey! I'm here too. Allan
  13. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    They seem to be back on line now. Here are the images. Allan
  14. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    Tried to load some images here but Alamy search is down at the moment. Allan
  15. Help upgrading camera

    Do not use or like Capture One. I find LR can process the images fine for noise and lots more. Sometimes use one or two tools in PSE to finish image but not for noise. Allan
  16. Alamy Stock photography workshops

    Thank you Keith but if I can't get to Cirencester there's no way I can make it to Tuscany. Allan
  17. AIM - filters and a search term

    Open two windows with AIM in each. Work in one on new image, search in second for similar images. Allan
  18. Help upgrading camera

    With Sony I am submitting images up to 3200 ISO and no fails yet. Allan
  19. Help upgrading camera

    I've got nearly 13 years on you Chuck and I can tell you it does not get any better. Allan PS As a doctor once said to me, "Getting old is not good for you."
  20. A request about reporting actual usage

    +1 Allan
  21. Those missed photo opportunities

    Maybe mysterious forces at work and you where never meant to photograph those two girls as it could have landed you in a whole heap of trouble. Similar things happen to me, not necessarily in photography, and I find out later that if I had done what I wanted it would have been an embarrassment in some way. Allan
  22. Adobe Photoshop and Banknotes

    ????? Try it and see. Allan
  23. Adobe Photoshop and Banknotes

    I believe it is something to do with the arrangement of dots on the left of the note. Similar arrangements of dots are also seen on a lot of other countries notes. Allan
  24. Image identification

    Might be a "White Rumped Sharma". But not 100% sure. Allan
  25. February Challenge: Winter activities

    Looks like the style I am thinking of particularly this image. Although no windmills. Sure I have seen skaters and windmills together though. Pretty sure it is not Hendrick Avercamp although one of his pictures does have one windmill with skaters.