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  1. personal websites

    Please let me know when you have been successful with your lobbying. Allan
  2. But after the images appear in live news aren't they shipped to regular stock? Do they need to go through QC then? Allan
  3. personal websites

    I don't mind paying a small amount, under £150/year, for a decent website which allows me to sell commercially and links to a process lab to produce the product people may want. Allan
  4. personal websites

    Thank you Geoff. Allan
  5. personal websites

    Can you make a profit selling on Smugmug at about £112 + tax per year? Assume you use Loxley to print for you? Allan
  6. Site Security

    Not had any trouble to date. I was on Sierra now on High Sierra. Allan
  7. Site Security

    Not seeing that on Safari. Allan
  8. This one today for an editorial website. Snowshill Manor NT property taken from public road. Allan
  9. #infringement team!

    Like my RM image licensed today for just under $8. should have been $50 at least. Allan
  10. Alamy Affiliate sale

    Exactly. Allan
  11. Anyone know this toad?

    Sorry I've never met him before. Allan
  12. Favourite images uploaded in November 2017

    Some from me, all pretty much self explanatory. Allan
  13. Favourite images uploaded in November 2017

    Messed up will start again. SORRY Allan
  14. ID sea creature KK170Y

    Looking at the shape could it be a bird that has been in the water for some timed lost its feathers? Allan Appologies for the spell checker error above. should be "time and lost". Well I wasn't a million miles away with my guess. More like 10 million. ITMA
  15. Alamy Affiliate sale

    Thanks for your reply Matt. True I would benefit BUT ONLY to the tune of 38.5%. There will be losers here as well as a few winners. Allan BIG EDIT:- Contributors should be able to contract out of the affiliate scheme if they wish, as with the Personal use scheme.