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  1. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    I was also confused because Snowy is Tintin's dog and I saw no wire fox terrier.
  2. Will it be worth it?

    Alamy isn't an exclusive agency, but it just doesn't seem sensible to compete with yourself at much lower prices. I'm constantly uploading, 1400 this year, and am seeing an effect- 15% of this year's sales were taken this year. I wonder if it has something to do with how well the images I upload fit in with Alamy's markets.
  3. Will it be worth it?

    Taking off duplicate images seems sensible, but if you're making returns from MS and have already done the work of uploading and keywording, I'd probably have left the non-competing ones.
  4. But my sales are not diminishing. I've had my two BMEs and I'm 50% up on last year. It's not a dark art, but you do need to be aiming at the right target. I haven't commented on your images, what I've said isn't based on seeing them, and I don't know what you've been looking at but my first page is pure secondary editorial. Perhaps you need to check your definitions but tit-for-tat doesn't do anything for your argument. BTW does MS take unreleased images, as all of mine are?
  5. You've been told this before. When someone who has been submitting and selling for a decade here suggests most of your images are MS style, it's good advice. You may not see it, but then you don't have a 10-year sales record, do you? Less than 10% of my sales this year could remotely be described in that way. The rest are secondary editorial. It's a fact. Incidentally very few have people in them.
  6. Maths not my strongpoint

    There are a lot of those about. Maybe something to do with Alamy quoting 3-5-10 year periods, and the publisher's intention to have a new edition in a different number of years? I don't try to work it out. More of a
  7. Camera Shopping

    If you want a straight recommendation, a second-hand Sony A58 with low shutter count and kit lens at about £200. It's what I have. Edit: don't know what country you're in.
  8. US foreign taxpayer ID

    Instructions seem to be here The bad news is that you seem to have to send them your passport for up to 2 months..... every 3 years.
  9. Canon g9x?

    I would venture that it's far too small for decent quality. Sensor size is very misleading- 1" is actually barely a quarter the size of a crop-frame DSLR sensor.
  10. Net Revenue

    dashboard>download sales report. Above the graph to the right of "cleared balance".
  11. I'm pretty sure I've had sales of images that have been searched by reference. That doesn't necessarily tie the sale to the search, of course, but why take the risk? Tags are cheap.
  12. Some buyers search by a reference number that they have previously noted. If you leave the old reference in the new image's tags they can still find it.
  13. I do that. Just put the old reference in the tags.
  14. They do- just send them the pairs of references. That said I've recently done it for some images that MS couldn't replace due to filename conflicts but I don't regard it as a breach (cause 4.10, probably) because the new images are straight replacements, they'd only been up for a week or two and AFAIK none had appeared in a search. But I won't make a habit of it.
  15. Keywording exhaustion

    I'm only quoting what I thought others had said. I've no idea about these things as I don't use them but thanks for clarifying.
  16. Keywording exhaustion

    You're not. But my reason isn't as colourfully baroque as yours. I just started that way and don't have Bridge, only LR.
  17. Have you found any Alamy images December?

    I hadn't right clicked in this case but in fact that would have worked too. Google hasn't crawled every Alamy image but most of them are there.
  18. Searching publications on the web

    Thanks for the tip. English does usually find my European book uses but your way has them nearer the top.
  19. Searching publications on the web

    deleted. got it.
  20. Keywording exhaustion

    From what I can see from my OH's tablet, they're very unlike PCs in operation and geared towards selling you content. We discovered that it's frustratingly difficult just to for example, load a few PDFs onto one. Security, profiles, goodness knows what. So be aware of that.
  21. How to improve discoverability of a photograph

    Thanks for nailing it. Seeing your method in black and white like that it's blindingly obvious- how could tags not searched on affect position? It would make a nonsense of search if they did.
  22. Don't confuse file size with image size- 3Kx2K is the minimum image size. As Chuck suggests no DLSR produces files too big for Alamy. Your native size is fine. Some of us downsize a bit for QC reasons, especially high ISO images, but that's a distinct issue.
  23. Different mags, same publisher maybe, although there's the dreaded 'titles within the same group' proviso.
  24. Keywording exhaustion

    Another here, but I wouldn't turn one down.