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  1. Favourite images uploaded - March 2018

    Not much to do with left/right confusion as these signs are usually for dual carriageways or one-way streets, which can have traffic in either direction.
  2. Updating Restrictions in AIM

    That now works, but oddly only for some of my images- I'm convinced it didn't last week when I tried it.
  3. Favourite images uploaded - March 2018

    Persuading crabs to leave a sea cucumber's bottom. That's dedication.
  4. Updating Restrictions in AIM

    I was surprised, in another context, that the "restricted images" filter didn't find the editorial restriction. I'm not sure what restrictions it does find.
  5. Good taste and photojournlism

    Perhaps you should report the officer so that his knowledge of the law can be improved.
  6. So everyone except you is a "bunch of pseudo-knew-something-about-its". OK. When you get to know the forum a bit you'll find it's a bit more collaborative than some and lacking in confrontation and bad language. Until you do, please would you dial it down a bit?
  7. It was clear from the context that I meant filing a lawsuit, not copyright registration. FYI, although not relevant here unless the publisher has a UK site, we do have a small claims process covering copyright through IPEC. SO there was really no need to call the contribution of a respected member of this community "BS".
  8. The Dash? How Does the Alamy OS See It?

    Punctuation is ignored in search. So it will be seen as "crinkle cut" but a search with the dash will also find it. I've tested this. I'd also have all 3 tags in case someone searches in a different order.
  9. pseudonym: one or many ???

    I have a separate one for my archive scans. It has a much higher CTR than my stock port so it probably helps those images in search. But it's barely 2% of my images, and of course fixed. I can't nip back to 1979 to get a few more.
  10. I have, thanks. It's intended for US copyright holders. You referred to "agreements" when you presumably meant the Berne Convention. From your comment I assumed you had some extra information to share beyond that- most of us are well aware of Berne but there's nothing in it to save the OP from the complication of having to file in the US. That's what the OP will be advised even if he "consults an IP lawyer in his own country" (which is the UK, as you see from his avatar).
  11. You should have told us it was Mt. Teide letting go.
  12. iCloud Storage

    I do have the two so hopefully they won't go together! I've only been using USBs for a few years so perhaps I'm lucky never to have had a HD failure.
  13. iCloud Storage

    I don't have a "system"- I just copy my RAWs and exported jpegs to the 2 external drives, usually when I copy them off the card. When the C drive gets too full , at year end I start a new LR catalogue and move the old one onto one external drive as well. All manual. It's worked so far but I'm still under 1TB.
  14. Can you give some more detail on that? It doesn't accord with my understanding or that Bradleys link.
  15. Favourite images uploaded - March 2018

    It's St. Paul's from the wobbly bridge.
  16. Probably only worth doing if you intend to pursue an infringement.
  17. If it's registered in the US, you may be able to get a US lawyer to take it on contingency. For the Italian image you may be able to use the EU small claims process through IPEC. As long as we're still in the EU, of course.
  18. Length of licence

    There's a new edition every year but people keep the old ones.
  19. fotodogue and I are members of another forum. I don't know if you are but I can't really name it here. Martin runs it.
  20. Do You Shoot Street Art and Murals?

    I missed that in the other place, haha.
  21. Do You Shoot Street Art and Murals?

    Kinda tells you what word not to put in your tags, doesn't it? Anyway, thanks for the tip, I didn't know that's what they were called and I probably have one or two. Not sure I'm going to add them now, but then there haven't been any searches for it this year.
  22. Ah. You've also noticed that AIM restrictions aren't very sticky. See the other forum. The other bugbear is that some images that might more legitimately justify restriction don't fall foul of the latest sweep because they don't have a "mural" tag. So there are workarounds.
  23. Post your positive results in 2018 here! :)

    $171 to India of all places, only my second there, one of my regulars for a direct mail handout "corporate cards/invites." Best for a while.
  24. Music festival photography

    The news team sometimes weed out news subs they don't regard as news. If they do it goes into the QC queue
  25. Do You Shoot Street Art and Murals?

    I'll see your 300 years and raise you 600. Yes, they're really helping us, protecting us from claims from artists who probably died in the Black Death. Unbelievable. Omitting the word "mural" might be effective.