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  1. .......I should have said "assuming there aren't a lot of images of it already up", although if there's only a page or two I wouldn't worry.
  2. OP, heed Wim. "great historical value" doesn't necessarily translate into sales. There may be plenty of CC images around, although a buyer may prefer a licence which offers some exclusivity, so I'd still submit if I could.
  3. +1. I get some rather ordinary images showing in searches which stop at a couple of pages. I could delete them, of course, but some of them have been sellers, so that's not going to happen.
  4. An image that small is very unlikely to upsize to 6MP well enough for QC. If you have a fair number of archival images, try the archival route, which bypasses QC. However, I see you're new here. If you only have the odd few you may need to earn your spurs by passing QC regularly first. I didn't ask for archival privileges until I'd had 5 or 6000 images through QC.
  5. First Personal Use Sale

    Indeed not.
  6. First Personal Use Sale

    I assume it was non-exclusive.
  7. Your two images are on the results page for "sinclair c5". In fact they're higher than mine and I probably have the higher ranking, having had sales on Alamy for years, though not on those images.
  8. Favourite images uploaded in October 2017

    Igelsäule, Roman tomb monument. This thing is huge, 75' high, and it's stood since about 240 in Igel, near Trier. Most of it is original. Extraordinary.
  9. Alamy Financial Results for 2016 now available

    I would be spectacularly dischuffed if someone decided to throw away hundreds of hours of my work on a whim. Fortunately though Alamy's owner is a charity so it doesn't have the same financial imperatives as your average library. That's why we like it and that's why you can get a call from the CEO out of the blue as happened to me the other day. I can't see Bill gates phoning many Corbis contributors.
  10. Image identification

    Good for you, the search engine ignores hyphens but it doesn't truncate the words if you use one, so you don't end up with austinhealey.
  11. Don't waste your time, it was probably used 3 months ago.
  12. Image identification

    No offence, it wasn't you- it was on the toy box. You do hyphenate Austin-Healey because they're the names of two companies founded by Herbert Austin and Donald Healey, whereas Martin was the surname of the founder of the company and Aston Hill is a place in Buckinghamshire where he used to race cars.
  13. Image identification

    Aargh! Aston Martin should never be hyphenated.
  14. If you right-click on the popup of the image in AIM, select "copy image address" and paste that into your post, it will show the image here, not just the link.