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  1. I haven't yet made back the €1 or two I left a street mime in Düsseldorf four years ago. However, I have made back the price of the beer consumed at the bierstube I took the photographs from.
  2. CTR

    You can't see it, Betty, but I'm blushing. Actually, I have a beard, so nobody can see it really. Best wishes.
  3. CTR

    Perhaps they'll get round to us later, Allan.
  4. CTR

    Or not. My single star never made any difference. Nor did the second one. I don't know what you have to do to get three- 65 passes in a row isn't enough evidently.
  5. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Archive. Put it in the tags.
  6. Never on Monday (or Friday)?

    I had a couple on Monday. I can see a Friday sale at a glance as well.
  7. ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

    %x% is wildcard. It's a hangover from the early days, that is, before about 2000. Wim can probably explain better.
  8. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    Last time I skied into one of those it didn't have a nice soft bumper round it. It wasn't made of wood, either.
  9. I get it from time to time but only in FF, so I go to Chrome until it goes away.
  10. ALAMY stats usage..How do you use them

    I photograph the bottle first.
  11. Images Sold in February (Max. 1 per day)

    Now that doesn't happen very often.
  12. Ikea LADDA batteries

    I think that's right, Nicad were 1.2V but unused NiMhs are 1.3+ even after months. Four of them, fresh, charge up my 6V flash.
  13. How would you keyword this image?

    It might be used as an example of poor practice- surely ear defenders are mandatory on the tarmac?
  14. How would you keyword this image?

    Refuelling, avtur, bowser, jet a1, jet fuel, women in engineering. "Lav agent"? Oh, just realised. It's not fuel. It's exhaust. Biohazard, ppe, effluent.
  15. Favourite images uploaded - Feb 2018

    The ship looks smaller because it's further away, Dougal.