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  1. Alamy Affiliate sale

    In addition to the page linked to above, we had added some extra info to the forum discussion on this back in August: Sales made through the affiliate scheme are an additional revenue stream, widening your opportunity for selling additional licences on Alamy.
  2. Hi everyone As you have noticed we've experienced some technical issues with one of our servers this weekend. The issue should now be fixed, so if you have any further problems with upload, please contact our Contributor Relations Team ( Thanks Alamy
  3. We've responded to your email with a screen grab of the histogram showing very clearly an error in the exposure. The goalposts certainly have not been moved - it would make no sense for us to do this without informing our contributors. We hope the clarification via email proves useful and helps with future submissions. Cheers Alamy
  4. Arterra???

    And on that, we refer you all in this thread to read the further detail we posted on this situation back in September. Thanks Alamy
  5. Amount charged by Alamy for images

    Hi everyone This thread is now locked as the Alamy forum is not the place to discuss competitor pricing (please read our guidelines). We also think the discussion is painting the wrong picture as our average licence price is £50. Images sold through distribution make up 15% of our sales, which make it worth while as an additional revenue for most photographers. Thanks Alamy
  6. Alamy resources

    Hi Dave We don't promote these services anymore, but if you email us at they might be able to find the old list and send it across. Thanks Alamy
  7. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    We have now got a fix in place for this! Let us know if you are experiencing any further issues. Thanks Alamy
  8. MyAlamy Net Revenue changes

    Hi Richard We're looking into this and will give you all an update as soon as possible. Thanks Alamy
  9. Seeing this comment (and your subsequent tweets on this) lead us to double check your recent failure. We'd flagged two images (to try and be helpful) in this case and looking at them again, the CA is very obvious even before we look at 100%. This is a simple thing to fix and an easy thing to check for. Your comments on our decision in this thread are rather misleading. It's up to you if you want to post examples for others to look at here but they may help point out the problem areas for you. If you have any questions about the process, please email and the team will be happy to help. Alamy
  10. Alamy Measures broken?

    A fix has been released and Alamy measures should be back to normal. Thanks for your patience! Cheers Alamy
  11. Hello Have you sent our contributors team an email ( They'll be happy to look into this for you. Thanks Alamy
  12. Alamy Measures broken?

    Hi everyone We have raised this issue with our IT team and they are working on a fix. We'll keep you posted! Thanks Alamy
  13. Please post further details here or email and we'll be happy to check anything out if there appears to be any issue. Cheers Alamy
  14. Hi Peter, Sorry, that camera is fine for Alamy. We're looking into what happened here to cause that error, but we'll put the submission back in QC and will re-check it. Sorry again for the confusion. Cheers Alamy
  15. PhotoPlusExpo

    Oh really? We're definitely there...
  16. PhotoPlusExpo

    We're at booth 963. It would be great to see some of you! You can register for a free three day expo pass here.
  17. Hi all Just to give you an update, we're hoping that a fix will be released tomorrow. We'll let you know if any different. Thanks Alamy
  18. Alamy Measures jammed?

    Hi We're locking this thread as it's a duplicate. Please see this thread. We're working on a fix and hoping that it's released tomorrow. Thanks Alamy
  19. Alamy Measures

    We're locking this thread as it's a duplicate. Please see the thread MariaJ has linked to for an update from us. Thanks Alamy
  20. Hi all Apologies about this, we've experienced a technical issue that we're working on resolving. At the moment we can't confirm when it will be back to normal but we'll keep you posted. There's nothing to worry about though Thanks, Alamy
  21. Photo Plus Expo

    We are Please come and say hello. Cheers Alamy
  22. New dedicated language sites

    Just to clarify - if you have the occasional tag which isn't in English, it's unlikely to have a big detrimental effect but unless the "thing" you are describing is known in it's local language, eg, "Champs-Élysées" or "Coq au vin" then you should always use the English words only. This would go for phrases and individual tags. Basically, stick to English for all metadata please as this reduces the risk of the translation software getting it wrong. Cheers Alamy
  23. Have You Taken the New Alamy Survey?

    Thanks to everyone who filled in the survey. We've put together a short blog to summarise the early results: Cheers Alamy
  24. New dedicated language sites

    Hi Yes, this applies to captions and tags. Thanks Alamy
  25. New dedicated language sites

    Hi everyone, Alamy is licensing images with captions in languages other than English. This is a great opportunity for contributors to increase sales in territories where Alamy has not traditionally been so strong. We do the translation by using a machine translation system to translate content from English into the other languages. This is an automated process and we do not want you to change your captioning and tagging strategies at all. Specifically: All captions should be written in English and only English. Do not add any of your own translations. All tags should be written in English and only English. Do not add any of your own translations. Adding your own translated content to captions or keywords could confuse the system and could lead to your images being demoted in the search results. Contributors cannot affect the translation of a caption other than by re-writing their English caption. The better and more grammatical the original English sentence, the better the translation is likely to be. If there are any significant factual errors caused through the machine translations, please contact the contributor relations team ( where we will look at the cases and act accordingly. Just FYI, we won't edit any translations where the issue is over the style of the caption. It's only where there are significant factual errors which could seriously mislead customers that we will change a translated caption. Cheers Alamy