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    As Mirco says, no need for a new account. Create a new pseudo and put your edited images there as you clean them up. They will have a middling rank. This will help you see the impact of your efforts too, compared to your unedited images in your current pseudo.
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  4. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    USA, The New York Times, Sunday Business section, Feb 25th 2018 edition Pg 15, U.S. 2017 tax forms, Backyard Productions (credit to Alamy only) Pg. 15, Cotton Gin, El Campo, Texas, Lance Cheung/Planetpix
  5. Quote: Business H4GF8M Jansos Marmite prices were set to rocket until Unilever came to an agreement with the Tesco supermarket chain DC6MR2 Roberto Herrett New Look fashion shop in Oxford Street, London, UK G5K07E EnVogue_Photo Poundworld Shops and Shoppers in the retail sector of the Victorian Town of Southport, in Merseyside, UK BM18HF Kumar Sriskandan Loch Fyne Seafood Bar and Grill, Norwich, Norfolk, UK C4FNB1 Adam Burton Windswept sand dunes on the beach at Studland Bay, Dorset, England. Winter (February) 2011 CEP5D0 Phil Wills Posting a Lovefilm DVD rental using the provided prepaid postage envelope, UK Bryan - thanks for that spot, as always Kind regards Kumar (the Doc one)
  6. Image identification

    Thanks Allan, I'll take a look at that site. Usually I do some research before asking for an ID, but I honestly didn't this time because in the past with dogs, I usually end up not being sure I have it right. That site looks fairly good though so it's worth a look. Geoff.
  7. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    Blimey, two mentions on the one page - that's a first for me..! Thank you, Bryan and Clare. Much appreciated.
  8. Start a new account

    Hi, I had some special reason to do that. Nothing to blame on Alamy. I would not create new account. Also I think this kind of move is moralic not the best. To create similar effect you can simply move your photos to a different pseudo. Mirco
  9. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    25/02/2018, UK, Observer, p20, aerial view of Boracay Island in Philippines, JEMTE6, len4foto [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer, p43, CND rally in London 1982, B783WB, Mike Goldwater [Alamy credit only] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer, p50, statue of George Peabody, A2TT0M, Andrew Holt 25/02/2018, UK, Observer, p54, snowman in Winnipeg, B8DA0T, Dave Reede/Design Pics Inc [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer, p54, Barrow in Alaska, GCKFFN, Kevin Smith/Alaska Stock/Design Pics Inc [No credit - poss not via Alamy] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer, p67, petty cash record & calculator, credited to Alamy but I can't find it 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Magazine], p3 & p45, Naples, EDC8R5, JTB MEDIA CREATION, Inc. [Alamy credit only] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Magazine], p40, Daubenton's kale, K46E9H, Nic Murray [Alamy credit only] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Magazine], p44, Via Chiaia in Naples, EJ0TWX, Eddy Galeotti [Alamy credit only] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Magazine], p45, Piazza Trieste e Trento in Naples, FYWN11, Eugene Sergeev [Alamy credit only] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Magazine], p45, food shop in Spaccanapoli quarter of Naples, GD86CC, G.A. Rossi/Arco Images GmbH [Alamy credit only] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Magazine], p47, Neapolitan backstreet, BCWHR9, Mark Bassett [Alamy credit only] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Magazine], p47, Galleria Umberto I in Naples, E9FKK3, Matteo Cozzi [Alamy credit only] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Magazine], p47, Sorrento, JY5X83, Solarysys [Alamy credit only] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Magazine], p47, Sfogliatella pastries, KXEAE1, Stefano Carnevali [Alamy credit only] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Review section], p21, still from You Were Never Really Here, M43PWK, Pictorial Press Ltd [Alamy credit only] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Review section], p26, roosting red flying foxes, FJ7PTC, Juergen Freund 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Review section], p29, ruins of Gedi in Kenya, HKJ76H, Martina Katz/imageBROKER [Alamy credit only] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Review section], p29, ruins of Termessos in Turkey, EX0TE1, Joana Kruse [Alamy credit only] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Review section], p29, ruins of Mohenjo-daro in Pakistan, BBXRMX, Globuss Images [Alamy credit only] 25/02/2018, UK, Observer [Food section], p5, Nutella, DWY31X, HERA FOOD [Cropped & cutout. Alamy credit only]
  10. Start a new account

    Seems like a lot of re-work, even if you have already keyworded. Lots of talk here about creating pseudos which I've never implemented but may be worth looking into.
  11. Has stock lost its Mojo?

    That pretty well sums me up too. I don’t expect to make enough from this to retire early. Photography is my hobby and I love it and thinking about stock, as well as the shots I take for myself, has opened up a lot of new ideas to explore and gives me plenty to daydream about when I’m at work. The tagging is fun (honestly) and when that first sale came in I didn’t stop smiling all day. 😊
  12. Image identification

    Not entirely sure but could be a mix with poodle. Try this website, sorry but I do not have time to search myself. Allan
  13. Start a new account

    Also starting to follow your great advices, it seems i'm approaching 3 months without a single sales. May be i started bad 2 years ago with too many similars and batch keywording which now lead to few zooms (and views also). I'm thinking it's too late to recover my existing images because my ranking should be very low (CTR is 0.25). Time to delete the existing account and start a new one? What is your suggestions? I've seen Mirco for i.e. started a new account ... how is it going this way? The good thing is that i keyworded using LR so i don't have to keyword from scratch this time.
  14. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

  15. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    Ah! Yes! Where as we could in the old forums. Tis a nuisance. Allan
  16. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    That's a beautiful image. I think that should pass QC without a problem.
  17. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    Yeah I know couldn't delete it!
  18. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    I dont think you can worry too much about CTR when you have figures like these! sales/views/zooms/ctr 8 120 0 0.00
  19. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

    ??? Allan
  20. New Sony E 18-135 lens

    Looks interesting if the claims made by review and Sony sites are accurate. Will make a good, compact, lightweight carry about on my a6000. Over here it is selling for £569 generally where it is on sale. Sony price is £570. Think I'll wait till price comes down in shops then screw my local camera shop. Allan
  21. 79 pages viewed & ZERO zooms

  22. Image identification

    I should have asked the lady, but would someone be able to identify this dog breed please? They were absolutely lovely dogs.
  23. Have you found any Alamy images Feb 2018

    Guardian online 25.02.2018 FFJXEH Kenneth Taylor Thirlmere Landscape, Lake District National Park, Cumbria, England K3R1R3 mauritius images GmbH/ClickAlps A vineyard in the raethian Alps in autumn near Morbegno BT9GND Julian Cartwright The mountain of Moel Hebog viewed from Cnicht, across Llyn yr Arddu. J04P73 Joe Dunckley Sheep on the incline track that leads to Croesor Quarry on the side of Moelwyn Mawr mountain in Snowdonia National Park BK8584 Vincent Lowe The Snowdon range, from Yr Arddu in the Moelwyn hills, Snowdonia, CP0R8Y Phil Seale A Rambling Club approaching Dumgoyne in the Campsie Fells near Strathblane CXR87K John Keates Meall Fuar-mhonaidh with views of Loch Ness and the Great Glen K46EA3 Nic Murray Daubenton's Kale KMXRB6 Valentyn Volkov Jerusalem artichoke on a white background BB6820 INTERFOTO / Personalities Janacek, Leos, 3.7.1854 - 12.8.1928, Czech composer, portrait HYHRHM Urbanmyth Interior of Neues Museum on Museum Island , Museumsinsel, Berlin, Germany
  24. Helloooo, anyone home?

    Same today with a lot of single image uploads from one event badly captioned and flooding the pages.
  25. Another tweet today from Alamy to confuse contributors regarding discoverability. How many new contributors come to the forum asking about this? It's clearly confusing, and I'd be confused too if I were new to Alamy. The wrong term is being used. What it tells people is that being "green" will lead to your images being more likely to be "discovered", which is not the case at all. It's great to have a way to flag images where the optional data has not been completed, or with only a few tags, but calling it "discoverability" and having that tag threshold so high, and keeping on pushing it on Twitter, is hurting everyone. This is not just the rant of one person, and a forum search shows that it's what just about every poster to these forums thinks. Geoff.
  26. Stock Photography

    Already posted here
  27. I haven't yet made back the €1 or two I left a street mime in Düsseldorf four years ago. However, I have made back the price of the beer consumed at the bierstube I took the photographs from.
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