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  2. Agreed Philippe, captions and supertags makes most sense and the way Reimar noted it's working now is finally how I think it should be. Having 3 levels of relevance seems to be the best way to do things. We used to have 4 (essential, main, comprehensive, and the caption) that all (so we were told but I never tested it) had a different level of relevance. Now we seem to have 3 levels, which makes more sense to me. I'm very happy for others not to keyword/caption the best way both for new images and by going back through their port, as I know I have a proven advantage by doing so, but I won't try and convince my competitors again. Of course if I had 10's of thousands of images I doubt I'd go back over older ones. I'm still working on my older ones and have been all year! I'm concentrating on new images and news uploads first, then when I get a chance I'm going back and re-tagging older ones. I admit I'm slow at doing it and get bored quickly, so I'm sure it takes me longer than others. Geoff.
  3. Hello, I have been a user of Extensis Portfolio standalone creating thumbnails, keywording them, using its custom fields such as Location, People names, Car Type, Aircraft Type etc which help in reminding me just what the exact name was I applied last time. Now that I am contributing to Alamy I can embed these into the image before uploading to Alamy and these become Alamy tags. That aspect is important. However Extensis have discontinued Portfolio standalone, the price for Portfolio server is well beyond most individual users pockets. It still works on Win7 and 8 but there will come a time it may not, so before procedding with a vast backlog of cataloging and wishing to get away from the practice on non camera taken images, of placing the same image into different subject matter folders, duplication triplication or worse not being good practice ! I need to rethink my approach with a new program, using it on all my raster images. One prog (Phase One Media Pro SE) mentioned as an alternative is not able to embed edited metadata to JPEG or TIFF files in the same way that Portfolio was able to, so thats no good ! What is there I can use to import the Portfolio catalogs and continue to do this ? To have to re-thumbnail thousands of images and apply their keywords all over again is out of the question ! This move by Extensis is soul destroying. I am hoping to also use the same program to take over from WhereIsIt which again is discontinued, it made thumbnails of every image, vector file, video etc I had on all my removeable media and allowed me to search on folder and file names and find where a file was. These thumbs one didnt keyword by the way, it just used the file and folder names., such caused me to do the duplication etc I mentioned. The new program must allow other progs to take over should that prog go the way of Portfolio and WhereIsIt. Thumbnails and their keywords for the photo library must be able to be seen and work as before. So either a prog to just replace Portfolio or also conveniently thumbnail and catalog all my files and folders. I eagerly await your suggestions. BoBman
  4. Absolute priority should go to images that have searched words both in the caption AND among the supertags. That only seems fair AND effective for offering relevant search results. Cheers, Philippe
  5. Yes always check AoA and the competition. wim
  6. Yeah, you're right (edited my previous post). Question is, do the searchers have that knowledge? See recent discussion Cheers, Philippe
  7. Bicycle with 4 wheels... But you're right don't misunderestimate the humble bicycle. More armed bicycles. I have a great Alinari poster somewhere with an image of a bicycle with a machine gun. In my memory it's built around the gun. That's probably not true. ;-) But I cannot find it online. Also armed not armo(u)red. wim
  8. I've just wasted a few hours of work because the PS action that I wrote to save files to a directory included the name of the file used to set up the action, so it saved every file with that name, i.e. I ended up with only one file saved; the last one to be processed. I've used this type of action hundreds of times before. It flattens the layers, converts to 8 bit and then saves as a JPG in a designated directory using the current file's existing name. I don't know why this particular action is including a specific filename within the save command. I've tried to rewrite the action (several times) using my normal procedure, but each time it includes the filename in the save (as) command. I must be doing something wrong, but, having searched the web, cannot find the answer. This is CS4. Any ideas?
  9. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    Cheers I shall bare that in mind when tagging!
  10. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    Never has there been truer words!
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  12. This seems crazy. The caption is where the most important information is located certainly for editorial images. Is there any difference between Creative and Relevant searches? Ah well, I shan't be re-working 52470 images to play this particular game.
  13. Edit: Yeah, I guess you're right Cheers, Philippe
  14. And just to finish this thought... I suspect that most people are like me and place all keywords from the caption into the tag field. So while a keyword in EITHER the caption or as a tag puts the image at the back of the pack, having the keyword in both caption and tag puts it closer to just above midrange. Therefore spending time on a fulsome caption is worthwhile. Just to give a rough guide based on my (BHZ) testing: Supertag: page 3 Tag: page 22 Caption: page 21 Caption and tag: page 9 out of 25 pages of results.
  15. I don't think they're armoured vehicles. Armed with different machine guns, yes. wim
  16. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    Thank you Matt, that's nice of you.
  17. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    A greenie for making me laugh :-)
  18. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    You're welcome Daniel, glad to be of help. I look forward to seeing the cows. Geoff.
  19. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    Hi Geoff thanks for the reply! You hit the nail on the head I think. what I do its tag all for news in a rush and then realise they all then need revisiting afterwards when they hit the library sales. What I should do is save time and like you say tag them afterwards individually and save time effort and the risk of never going back to them to redit and having them not seen by potential buyers. Sorry about the cows although you have just given me an idea...we have some lovely belties by us grazing open heathland/shrub for the summer; they would look beautiful in my profile 😎 Thanks for the input again much appreciated indeed
  20. Hi from Wisconsin

    Welcome to the Alamy madhouse Pamela. Geoff.
  21. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    Welcome Daniel, Just to back up the above, captions and keywords mean a huge amount, and you shouldn't underestimate just how vital it is to get them correct. With your Live News images, I see that you have quite a few similars (I do Live News too so I understand how that happens). I'm guessing you copy the tags to all of a batch of Live News images before uploading to Alamy? The tags aren't searchable (at least I don't think so???) until after they've moved from Live News to stock, after 48 hours, at which point they go on sale as soon as the database has it's daily update. So you're then left with a load of similar images, all tagged, and many not accurately. It would be better if you didn't bother with tags before uploading Live News images, as you'll get them up faster and they aren't needed. Then go back and just add tags to the best ones. to ensure they are found nearer the top of searches once they move from Live News to stock. By the way, I checked all your portfolio and noticed you have no photos of cows? I'm honestly disappointed. It should be a requirement to have at least one cow photo on Alamy in order that your images are seen by clients (ignore me, I'm a nutter). Geoff.
  22. I hesitated to write it down, because I thought it pretty well known. Probably only with people wanting to use their lenses backwards on their Canon bodies. wim
  23. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    You're welcome Cheers, Philippe
  24. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    Thanks very much philippe I appreciate you taking the time to look through some of my images. I realise my misstake now as they were a batch news upload and think I applied the same tags etc to all from that shoot (wrong I know( and I will now go through and correct individually. Normal stock uploads I key in the info 1 by 1 but I must now learn to that on batch news uploads. Thanks again it's appreciated
  25. Have you found any Alamy Photographs during August

    Guardian Online 16/08/17 G315E1 Michael Brooks Budapest Margaret Island, the Japanese Garden on Margaret Island (Margit-sziget island) in Budapest, Hungary ERX1CR Matthias Hauser/ imageBROKER Ruins of the Dominican convent Domonkos kolostor, Margaret Island, Budapest, Hungary FJ6E56 Greg Balfour Evans Palatinus open-air thermal water park, Margaret Island, Budapest, Central Hungary Region, Republic of Hungary
  26. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    Thanks for replying (most don't). I'll give you a greeny for that I've just checked some more images and there are lots of irrelevant tags and irrelevant captions. Better check them all. A few random examples: JW6Y7N / JW7140 / H9CPDJ / FBJJM1 / FBJHNY / etc.... Remember: irrelevant tags not only annoys picture searchers because they have to wade through lots of images which have absolutely nothing to do with what they are looking for, but it also has a very bad effect on your ranking resulting in your images being pushed back. Images not seen >> no sales. So, don't take captions and tags lightly. Those are even MORE important than the image itself. Cheers, Philippe
  27. Hello from Staffordshire, England

    Thanks for the replies much appreciated. Yes I think I did fall foul of copying the same description as they were uploaded in a bath for news, I must address that and a rehaul of my current gallery will be first port of call. Yes Chasewater is currently a hive of activity with waterskiing wakeboarding and sailing, the investment has made a huge difference and I see some potential for photos there too. I use the lightroom for description and keywording of news uploads and I need to watch as it predictive text writes from previous inputs so I shall be sure to not become lazy and make sure each image that requires a different descriptuon rightly has it Thanks again and I look forward to spending more time here
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