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  2. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    Thank you all, I will look into the different options. I might pass on the sock as I would need a couple of Christmas sock size ones with all the gear! Octavio, I like the look of that dry box. I'll see if it's available in Oz. You live in the Mata Atlantica? Lucky you. I participated once in a field project in Ilha do Cardoso. I'm beating myself up for not thinking about the humidity problem earlier, I'll be there in two week's time, just for the beginning of the Wet season! As if I didn't have enough to do with the house move, especially as the removal company has just let us down and I'll have to use my campervan for the move instead. Not peaceful but exciting times! Gen
  3. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    Here's the translation. Actually the Dutch version is the translation and the English is the original. Original. wim
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  5. Puzzled

    How very odd. Some weird people around Don't let it discourage you from posting.
  6. Validation?

    ... and, unfortunately, more often that not it's the boring ones that license.
  7. Puzzled

    Thanks for the kind words guys, have a greenie on me. Let's hope my new best friend doesn't take them away 😉
  8. RM vs RF usage...again!

    Bill you should have provided Alamy with released images if you wanted them to be RF. RF means that images are available for all Creative and Editorial Uses. That was the case until one of the micros invented Editorial RF and that was long after 2004. Surely if you wanted to shoot for RF you knew that releases were needed?
  9. Validation?

    That’s good, John. Just remember if you eventually get down to only the boring ones that are left, you might lose interest. I hate doing the boring ones, but it’s easier if they’re mixed in.
  10. You must wait for the update, usually every 24 hours. It’s not instantaneous.
  11. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    The very small ones here would be off with the contents of the sock:
  12. RM vs RF usage...again!

    I wasn't thinking about the pricing. I was really thinking about Graham saying: "So there is no underlying principle to be found RF can be RM RF is cheaper than RM, except when it's not. RM might as well be RF cos why would you limit your buyer to one time use. " I only understood this when I looked at the RF page to see the hybrid licence, then it became clear.
  13. i have ented tags both mandatory and optional but images do not appear on sale... what is the normal entry procedure?
  14. RM vs RF usage...again!

    You are misleading yourself, but no one else. Bill Brooks is not a recent convert to RF. For the record Bill Brooks has been selling RF since the year 2000. Bill Brooks first came to Alamy in 2004 as exclusively RF. The old image manager forced Bill Brooks to declare images with no releases, and with people or property, as RM. Bill Brooks always wanted these images to be RF. The new image manager allows for RF editorial only. That is when Bill Brooks converted his forced Alamy RM to Alamy RF editorial only.
  15. RM vs RF usage...again!

    One agency I work with has come up with a "good to go" license. I don't want to mention it on here due to the t&cs but you can google that phrase + stock agency. They describe it as a "new customer licensing experience for buying images and video is a much simpler, more streamlined process, adapted to the needs and capacities of our clients with fast moving deadlines." Perhaps just marketing-speak and I'm curious how it works in practice.
  16. ^^ Cheers Vince - might not be worth getting wet, it was the size of a large postage stamp! Steve Nov 2017, UK, Which?, p5, wine & menu, C8AJEK, Ian Shaw [Edited. Alamy credit only] Nov 2017, UK, Which?, p7, closed down Barclays Bank, C604PA, Thomas Bland [Alamy credit only] Nov 2017, UK, Which?, p8, Clyde Wind Farm in the Southern Uplands of Scotland, E3YBX2, Ashley Cooper [Alamy credit only] Nov 2017, UK, Which?, p23, pile of floppy disks, H8MEN1, CÆSARstock [Alamy credit only] Nov 2017, UK, Which?, p25, Nokia Mobira Cityman 1320 mobile 'phone, FDH43A, Ian Shaw [Cutout. Alamy credit only] ISSN: 0043-4841
  17. Validation?

    I continue to chip away at my old images in a willy-nilly fashion, usually in small sets by subject or location rather than by upload date. I find that I don't get as bored doing the reworking this way. I don't have any miraculous zooms or sales to report yet. However, cleaning things up can be satisfying in itself, plus I can't see how it can hurt matters. How's that for philosophical validation?
  18. RM vs RF usage...again!

    That is my view. We need a new combination licence that meets the needs of buyers and gets rid of this outdated legacy RF/RM nonsense. It already exists on the world's major stock site when it comes to their Editorial section. Pics are simply referred to as Editorial and the buyer has an option of the Standard Licence or a Custom one.
  19. RM vs RF usage...again!

    Prompted by this discussion I just did a quick summation of my sales over the last year. 52% of my images are RM, 48% are RF. % of Sales RM 69% RF 27% RFE 4% Average sale value RM - $28.67 RF - $32.74 Highest Sales RM - $ 94.70 RF - $130.00 Lowest RM - $1.40 RF - $5.91 So I sell more than twice as many RM as RF, but for an average lower price, although my most valuable seller was RF, and I received least for RM. I've no idea what implications this has for using RM or RF in the future, or for adjusting previous uploads. I am, as ever, confused, but will muddle on I guess, trying to make the best judgement I can, but I cant help thinking that the final decision should be a negotiation between the buyer and Alamy. How on earth can we second guess what a buyer is looking for and what licence they may want? (Except for certain obvious unique events/situations). Perhaps we need a third option, one that leaves the license open for discussion? Maybe, in practice that is what happens?
  20. Tips on photo equipment care in the tropics

    That's for deterring shoplifters! (very small ones )
  21. Image identification

    Thanks Wim. Very much appreciated. BSA Sloper it is then.
  22. Greetings from the Midlands, UK.

    Hello everybody! Just to say thank you for your warm welcome No doubt I'll be seeking assistance sooner rather than later. Thanks also for your feedback about the image orientation, I'll sort that out.... tips are most welcome. Well, back to culling and sorting...... Good luck with your sales.
  23. Times print edition, pg 35, 21st Oct. Geoff Smith, Littlehampton
  24. Have you found any Alamy images in October?

    Thanks again. I would go and see if I could get a copy, except it's absolutely bucketing down.....
  25. Photoshop 2017 - 2018 / Lightroom CC

    See my first post here....
  27. Have you found any Alamy images in October?

    The Scottish Sun online 21st KE3P3X, KE3P40, KE3P3N, KE3P3W - Mark Kerrison KE3N39, KE3N3X, KE3NW5, - amer ghazzal
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