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  2. Happy fun images...and a few random ones

    Cheers Geoff! Sorry, I didn't mean to spam with that many images,got a bit carried away. Nice sunshine images above. Funny how the sun makes everyone smile immediately!
  3. Batch rejection

    Now there's a man after my liking.
  4. Canon G1x 11 v Sony RX100 11

    sony or the old g1x as it has a viewfinder, simply its a question of quality, the sony is the go to for low light or party cameras, you may need a 2 camera solution, i need 5!
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  6. Define "living"? 90% of my income comes from stock. Sometimes less if I get a decent paid job on the other side of the camera. But that is only a part of the story. I regularly talk to people who want to give up their "normal" jobs to pursue a less certain career. Then I explain that income is only one side of the equation. One of the major factors enabling me to make a living from stock is that I dont spend much. No dependents, relatively cheap rent, in the winter I put a jumper on, no need for a car, dont smoke, I grow a lot of my own food, trips away are invariably at least self-subsiding from sales, I buy stuff that lasts. I was baptised Rich so have little desire for big sums on my bank account. I am pretty sure I couldn;t do it if I lived elsewhere... just the rents or mortgage would make it more difficult if I lived in many parts of the UK. Even at home I probably fall into the official poverty figures.
  7. Thanks very much for the spot Graham, much appreciated. Hi geogphotos, The advice I was given by the Alamy Copyright Team on extremely similar subject matter which raises the same questions was to add an ‘Editorial’ restriction to the images to avoid any potential issues. Obviously I also correctly answer the questions about releases. But don't take me for an expert - I just try things and see what happens. Steve
  8. With all the POD sites out there, selling prints is definitely worth exploring. I've had some success there. Returns per sale are usually much higher than stock, but the competition is now ginormous (even super ginormous). Don't think many people make much from self-published photo books. They are best for promotion and sharing. Probably better to find a real publisher.
  9. Canon G1x 11 v Sony RX100 11

    Hi all, I am looking for a small travel camera for the times I want to travel light I have narrowed it down to either the Canon G1x 11 or Sony Rx100 11 what are the thoughts of you good folk?
  10. Excellent advice, Bill. Stock photography is a business and has to be run as a business if you want to make a living at it. Maximise your income opportunities by exploring all possible avenues and diversifying into other areas if they are likely to be profitable for you. With the exception of a few remarkable talents most successful (income based) photographers seem to be business / marketing oriented rather than just good behind the camera. I'll add to say that I'm a pretty recent recruit to stock, with less than 4 years on Alamy and no experience anywhere else but I have advised small businesses in my pre retirement professional life. The need to explore all avenues is universal across small businesses. As is the need not to be sidetracked into areas you should not be going.
  11. Charity run this morning for news.
  12. Last year I averaged $573 gross per month. In 2014 (my best year on Alamy), it was $824 gross per month for the same number of annual sales (120). I'm not unhappy with those amounts, but I certainly couldn't live on them in expensive Vancouver. But then I'm over 65 and am not looking to do so. Fortunately, I have other income. I think the advice about not quitting your day job is the most responsible one to give young people -- without discouraging them, of course -- who are hoping to make a living solely from licensing images. Bill's suggestion re "widening horizons" would be a close second, although I haven't really got any personal experience to back that up. Perhaps he does, though. The "m-word". Well, personally I wouldn't go there. An agency like Alamy is a much better training-ground IMO.
  13. Thanks again Bryan. Guardian online 24.09.2017 EJN124 imageBROKER /Michael Runkel Koman water reservoir

    😊😁😂 You people lighten my day. When in despair, I can always find a chuckle here. Thanks!
  15. Maybe the question should be, how does one live the life of the old fashioned stock photographer before digital, and before most of this lot on the Alamy forum entered the business? Widen your horizons. Maybe the following. Put the same RF images up on every possible stock sales site including your own, blog, sell prints, teach groups, give private lessons, publish photo books, lead photo travel tours, consult to companies like Canon. This was the life of most full time film stock photographers, and no reason it cannot be done today. Everyone is a photographer these days, so provide services aimed mainly at all the new photographers. Here is someone doing it.
  16. Sales ceilings?

    I do have images at other places -- not the one that rhymes with "spaghetti," though -- but Alamy works best for me by far. Alamy already does a pretty good job of distributing images IMO. As well, always wary of competing with meself.
  17. I'd love a Critique!

    Yes I did know copy space is important and when i remember I do keyword it in.
  18. Ah, that's my cue! Depends entirely where you live. @Martin Carlsson lives in Sweden and that's really expensive. I'm in Italy and costs of living are lower. Then there's the extreme low end south-east Asia where $500 a month goes a hell of a long way. Let's talk about most contributors on here who are based in Europe & North America. Is it easy to make $3,000 a month consistently? Nope, although I wouldn't say it's near impossible. I'm sure many posting on here easily make that every month. I don't make a living off stock (yet). Skip the Microstock temptation altogether, there's no decent money to be made there anymore and focus on Midstock agencies.
  19. Batch rejection

    If that is your reaction when someone tries to help I fear for your sanity. I will only say that from what you have stated you will have no difficulty in attaching evidence of the appropriate authorisation to satisfy potential buyers that you are in compliance with the UK legislation. They and Alamy are also at risk should you fail to do so. BTW I have not given you a red arrow for your offensive and inappropriate comment. Nor have I informed Alamy. That is not my nature. With a wife, three sisters, two daughters, and two granddaughters I have been insulted by experts. Petty barbs by ill mannered individuals have no effect.
  20. Sales ceilings?

    Yes, it does seem like an arithmetic progression of sorts, a slippery slope indeed, a bit like walking up a down escalotor. I like your re-purposing idea. Shall have to see what I can do about that. Probably time to do some judicious purging as well. While adding more images and continuing to tread water isn't the worst possible scenario in my case, it would be encouraging to see some upward sales movement as well. The Wheat and Chessboard problem blew a mental fuse. Shall have to save it for a rainy day.
  21. Batch rejection

    Put your dick away John, seriously trying to clutch at straws and have digs Does it look like it's at it's roost ?, it's on my shed wall where I placed it during it's re-release into the wild after having been rescued by myself under the BCT
  22. Don't give up the day job Pearl
  23. I've been an Alamy contributor since February 2003 - at the time there were still a lot of photographers for whom stock photography was a significant if not primary source of income. The digital camera revolution happened everyone became photographers. We saw the rise of microstock sites. Images were which used to attract four-figure sales were attracting single figure price tags. There was a joke at the time "How many stock photographers does it take to change a light bulb? Answer none - we just sit around and talk about how it used to work" I changed my focus and found other forms of income - mainly teaching other photographers. The number of images I submitted to Alamy got less and less and I've hardly submitted anything over the last four or five years. As part of the training sessions I run, I still do one on stock photography. But I usually start off by setting expectations very low. I tell people that while stock photography used to be a good business to be in, now it's just about impossible to make a living at it. I revising my training notes at the moment and wondered if this is still true? Is there anyone here whose major income is from stock? If so who many images to you have for sale? (Yes, I know number of images isn't everything but it is a useful metric). If you had to give one piece of advice to someone considering getting into selling their images as stock photography, what would it be? Thanks Ian.

    How about spatula? That was fun. Paulette
  25. I'd love a Critique!

    Don't give up on empty space. Sometimes the buyer wants a place to put their text. Personally, I've always rather liked compositions that have the main subject in a corner so I do it to please myself and then I put "copy space, copyspace" in the keywords. Paulette
  26. Patio de las Doncellas at Alcazar palace. Seville.
  27. Image identification

    Ok I'll look at the options. Thanks for that. Geoff.
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