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  2. Krys, the Crocodile at Normanton, Queensland, Australia, is a life-size model (8.6m) of Australia's biggest-known crocodile, which was killed in 1957 by a Lady called Krystina Pawlowski
  3. 3 images not on sale?

    Last night, I typed in the captions and keywords and other details for my three existing images. Eventually, the orange bar appeared on all of them with the words 'For sale.' This morning, when I checked my contributor dashboard, there's some text saying: "3 images not on sale." So currently, I'm not 100% sure if they're available for sale or not. Are all three photos visible in my port? I'd assume that only photos for sale would be visible to others.
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  5. One of two sales today, this one a small distributor sale. But the third time licenced by Alamy in 7 months + also licenced elsewhere once.
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  7. St. Croix, USVI
  8. Can you see if your photos have had views

    Add 000 to that 3 you have, and maybe $$ will trickle in.... Looked at your first image. big wheel liverpool eye liverpool sad teen thoughtful tourist travel These tags don’t fit the image. I cant tell it’s a teen, could be any age. Liverpool and Liverpool eye...I see no Liverpool eye, and the image (subject matter) is so generic it could have been taken anywhere. travel? Maybe if I could see the Liverpool eye. sad? Where is that expression? same with thoughtful. The rest of the tags work. The ones I listed might get you views that won’t result in a sale but bring your CTR down. I really like the image, especially with the water streaming off her foot. Hope this will make you “thoughtful” about tagging, but not “sad”.
  9. RM vs RF usage...again!

    Like one RF I just licensed, IQ $250. The highest of 8 sales. RM $11.74 RF $50.72 RM $80 RM $12.62 RM $119 RF $250 RM 50 RM $44.91
  10. Photographers Karma

    Thankfully no, but I was shocked at the carnage at the end of the World Athletics women's marathon this summer. They were running out of wheelchairs!
  11. Adobe's new LR "strategy"??

    Thom Hogan has some interesting information on the new Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC (cloud). At the very bottom of his post is a concerning comment. Rick
  12. Found in the Guardian 19-10-17 Photo of an Airplane landing in Manchester Airport at sunset Photographer: KMI Images Image ID: A2YB9M Picture of Abstract Wi-fi on white background (done in 3d) Photographer: Vladislav Kochelaevskiy Image ID: C7X222 Pic of A&E Department - Royal Free Hospital - London Photographer: Robert Stainforth Image ID: BPJMCW Aiden Clarke
  13. Found in the Guardian 19-10-17 Photograph of Students graduate at Hertford College Photographer: Expuesto - Nicolas Randall Image ID: AN72AC Aiden Clarke
  14. Photographers Karma

    Hello For the last few years I have taken photos of runners taking part in the Great South Run, usually positioning myself close to the finish line so I can get photos of the celebrations, tears and those requiring assistance. It is usually the latter set of images that has licensed. I have sold images of exhausted people in wheelchairs being pushed across the line by medics, people vommiting just short of the finish and people whose legs have failed them and are being held up by friends or passers by to get across the finish. This year I find myself on the other side of the lens. On Sunday I will be running the 10 mile race for the first time, in aid of the Stroke association (with strong winds forecast too, oh joy!), which has got me thinking, is Karma about to catch up with me?? . If anybody is planning to photograph the race on Sunday and they happen to see me staggering across the line, I would be most grateful if you could just point you lens to the man/lady to the right or left of me, thank you . Has anybody photographed a person in an unfortunate situation only to find themselves in a similar situation a while later wth cameras pointing at them? Simon
  15. RM vs RF usage...again!

    If that is what Brasilnut said, I think Brasilnut is correct
  16. New to Alamy

    Good advice from Betty, as always.
  17. Please remove panel in AIM

    Thanks. Sometimes I question my sanity!
  18. +1 I've tried using what should be the most favourable combination of tags and supertags for the best image in a set, but it doesn't seem to reliably place it first. I have a feeling that images which have sold previously (possibly against different search criteria) are given a bit extra "magic sauce" and tend to be placed earlier than those that haven't, but it's hard to know for sure. Mark
  19. > I don't know my reply to you looking like a posting posted by you. (or that just the way it is posted here on Alamy) If you start your answer underneath the quote-box, it will come out OK. > Samsug wb350f Yes that's unfortunate: this sort of cameras with tiny sensors is not accepted by Alamy. Some other stock agencies may have different criteria though. The exception on Alamy is the already mentioned archival route. > Wikipedia You could of course self-publish on a website or blog, but the purpose would be to somehow advertise the fact that you have these images and what they look like. The downside of publishing them on Wikipedia (Wikimedia) is that they would be free for all uses including commercial. So no infringement chasing. That's why I suggested small sizes. Upsizing: I would suggest to try ACR in Lightroom or Photoshop first. wim
  20. Please remove panel in AIM

    Doesn't it disappear altogether when you click "Got It"
  21. Do they at all use humans to sort through all these thousand of photos they receive daily or some clever algorithm? It must be very dishearthening to get otherwise highly acclaimed photos rejected.
  22. Hello All

    Hi John. Thank you for the welcome and the excellent info about tagging and labeling my images, i was at the time trying to find out what the petunia actually was, it was our lass that suggested it did look similar to a pansy, after all that's where i took the image from on our lass's mum's back garden "Very Vibrant Come Summer Time lol". A good friend of mine on Facebook though suggested to me that it was actually a petunia and he only knew this because he showed his mum and in return thanks to his mum said straight away its a Petunia, luckily my mates mum actually used to run a flower stall in our shopping mall in Mansfield. I have now labelled them correctly and appropriately and you have given me some real insight and thought into how i should be really labeling my images. Again Thank you for the constructive criticism as through this i will surely learn and make lesser mistakes and strive to get better. Cheers Mark.
  23. I'm sure AIM has been displaying the date taken for me in the past (10 years). I have to wonder why any customer would want to know the date of last modification rather than date taken. My message to CR has been forwarded to IT.
  24. October Challenge :: Failure

    Cooking Failure - two burst yolks Failure of Society Failure to stay intact!
  25. Can the sales be fixed as well? Haven't had one FOR AGES. lol
  26. Post your positive results here :)

    As Paulette says, you dont need to upload it again - just delete the caption and tags in Alamy Image manager (AIM) and redo them. Unfortunately this is one of the irritations with the new AIM is that it is very easy to have more images selected than you think you have and therefore get captions and tags completely wrong Cheers Kumar (the Doc one)
  27. For all Sony users --Capture One--

    I found the free version of Capture One Express to be too limited. No doubt the Pro version has a lot more features, though. I'm currently using DxO OpticsPro, which I quite like.
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