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  2. Don't worry, Vic is here to help you
  3. Well I keep stipulating that I do have the type of images that should sell hereas again, I see no difference in micro images to Alamy in most cases, even people here who tell me that my images are not suitable for Alamy.
  4. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    The snow and a new super zoom lens to test out
  5. Today
  6. My 3rd sale ever A stitched panorama of the active volcano Mount Sinabung on Sumatra, Indonesia. Zoomed and sold today as -Usage: Personal use, Personal prints, cards and gifts, or reference for artists. Non-commercial use only, not for resale.
  7. Team Imageclick

    I didn't. Doesn't seem like anyone else did either. The only solicitation I got this month was from Jeremy Ross <> offering retouching. Just more of the junk mail we have to live with these days. You can start worrying when they also have all your bank details
  8. You are not being driven away. Seasoned, professional stock photographers have been giving you advice as to how to increase sales, yet you seem to ignore that advice and would rather moan about lack of sales here, but state how wonderful your sales are on microstocks sites. Either take their advice, or stick to microstock. John.
  9. Pre-holidays PU surge?

    No PUs in the 4 sales so far this month. But the gift-giving spirit appears to be strong on that POD site this year.
  10. Will it be worth it?

    Were you on IS as well, and if so, did you manage to close an account there? Good luck with Alamy!
  11. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    I was also confused because Snowy is Tintin's dog and I saw no wire fox terrier.
  12. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    I thought Snowy was the cat. But I would, wouldn't I? Paulette
  13. Will it be worth it?

    Hi! I was also at the Santa Dash at the weekend! - what a fantastic sight - 8,000+ santas! I also moved over from micro sites. Initially I duplicated images here and on micro, and grimaced every time I saw an image zoomed here, and then bought for 33c on micro. Very occasionally I have sold an image on here that is also available more cheaply on micro sites - but very rarely. I shoot mainly editorial, and have just a couple of images on micro that have sold hundreds of times. My view is that if you think an image may sell many many times, then micro may not be so bad, because it does add up, but equally if that same image is only on Alamy it could have sold just a few times for more in total (and it feels more rewarding), but if you're shooting editorial images that may sell once or twice if you're lucky, they need to be on a macro site not micro. This is purely my opinion and may or may not be right, but I've stopped uploading to micros and am concentrating here. Good luck! Kay edit: as an 'experiment' I removed my most popular images from the micro site last week, just to see if they now sell here for the first time
  14. Will it be worth it?

    Alamy isn't an exclusive agency, but it just doesn't seem sensible to compete with yourself at much lower prices. I'm constantly uploading, 1400 this year, and am seeing an effect- 15% of this year's sales were taken this year. I wonder if it has something to do with how well the images I upload fit in with Alamy's markets.
  15. Will it be worth it?

    Taking off duplicate images seems sensible, but if you're making returns from MS and have already done the work of uploading and keywording, I'd probably have left the non-competing ones.
  16. Will it be worth it?

    If I went exclusive here (as it stands) I would be in the poor house and Tiny Tim would die on account of getting a sale every time I come across a hen with teeth. I am constantly uploading here but having no effect on my sales although I was getting more sales with less in my portfolio. That's my story as you may do well here if you go exclusive. I wish you all the best whatever decision you take.
  17. Will it be worth it?

    It may be a bit too late, but today I decided to go with Alamy exclusively, and started deleting all of my microstock accounts. It will take some time before they are gone, but I am hoping that focusing on Alamy only with give me better returns. And the fact that the same images cannot be found cheaper elsewhere I am hoping will increase sales. What is your view on this? Have I made a mistake here?
  18. I think whatever I say here will be criticised no matter what as clearly I am not being made welcome by being driven away as mentioned by another member a few posts ago.
  19. I sometimes reprocess an image and in the past have asked Alamy to replace the old with the new. Sometimes I have loaded a new reprocessed image and leave the old one on the site but cross reference Alamy ID numbers in each. Occasionally the old image sells so why remove it? Allan
  20. Favourite pics uploaded Dec 2017

    Snowy was a Cambridge character who used to do a lot for children and charities. When he died this memorial was put up to remind people about his life and work. Allan
  21. But my sales are not diminishing. I've had my two BMEs and I'm 50% up on last year. It's not a dark art, but you do need to be aiming at the right target. I haven't commented on your images, what I've said isn't based on seeing them, and I don't know what you've been looking at but my first page is pure secondary editorial. Perhaps you need to check your definitions but tit-for-tat doesn't do anything for your argument. BTW does MS take unreleased images, as all of mine are?
  22. An image sold today taken in 2015. Stow Maries is/was the most untouched Great War aerodrome still in existence. Those buildings are now undergoing restoration which in a way is a shame, though probably the only way that they would remain standing into the future.
  23. Well I just looked at your first page and to me they all could be at home on any microstock site. Rather than trying to make this out to be a dark Art, only available to enlightened long term contributors, why not just admit sales here are diminishing. Again, I have sold far more i,ages here when I had a LOT LESS images in my port.
  24. Strange algorithm.

    I decided to track them just because of editing old keywords, whether this really affects sales and availability. But noticed the upward movement only, while without increases and sales.
  25. Strange algorithm.

    Alamy has a diversity algorithm in the search that ensures a variety of photos from different photographers having similar rank. (without it, all of one photographer's images would be displayed before the next photographer got any -- even if his rank was very close). I've never seen any discussion of how often this algorithm changes, so the shifting might only be the result of changes to the parameters in the diversity algorithm and not to any changes to the actual images available. Robert
  26. Strange algorithm.

    Also possible if your images are not getting zooms or sales, and those from other photographers using those keywords are getting zooms or sales, that could affect your downward movement. But like you, it is largely a puzzlement. I seldom check my placement other than an initial check from a fresh upload. Checking doesn’t really move me forward when that time is better spent shooting, developing, tagging, and tweaking tags in older images. Sometimes when checking my own zooms by clicking on the pseudo with a zoom, I will notice some of my images that were viewed but not zoomed need a new phrase added because of the search terms I see, and I will tweak those tags. otherwise, I don’t try to figure out movement of my images.
  27. You've been told this before. When someone who has been submitting and selling for a decade here suggests most of your images are MS style, it's good advice. You may not see it, but then you don't have a 10-year sales record, do you? Less than 10% of my sales this year could remotely be described in that way. The rest are secondary editorial. It's a fact. Incidentally very few have people in them.
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